Cloud-based Service to Get
Everything under Control
A solution for intelligent factory in age of IoT
Register devices: 500
Online users: 500
  • Internet Connection
  • Data Acquisition
  • Abundant Applications
  • Anytime&Anywhere
  • Wide Cooperation
Built-in module makes it
easy to connect to internet
An internet software module for network connection
is adopted,which means it requires NO additional
device for network connection and it saves the costs.
Real-time data acquisition facilitates
more effective management
Various data including in running,production data
and data of auxiliary devices can be acquired all the time,
which lays a solid data foundation for comprehensive
Auxiliary Devices
Abundant applications make a
a more powerful CNC system
Device monitoring | Production testing | Online help
More functions worthy of your expectation are on the way...
Convenient usage at any time
in any place
Web-based GUI offers you updated data every second.
You have two ways to easily access all functions,as follows:
* Logging in NCCLOUD website at
* Following NCCLOUD official account in WeChat
Flexibility for extension and integration
We can offer tailor solutions to meet customers' needs
in an agile and flexible way,by offering various service
interfaces and integration solutions.